About Us

Mirla Beane; Melanie and Lauren’s story

After 40 years in the fast-paced world of fashion, Mirla Beane’s co-founders Lauren and Melanie realised two things: firstly that sustainability is the only way forward, but secondly that ‘sustainable style' is hugely lacking.  Why do all truly ethical brands with decent price tags appear to only be about basics?


We looked around for the dream product, we couldn’t find it, so we created it!

Ethical and beautiful designs that support local makers.

Empowering the next generation

We wanted to create a truly ethical yet beautiful brand, with inclusive prices and sizing, that supports the next generation of designers and local makers and empowers them to create something really special. Sophisticated but fun. Sustainable yet design-led. 100% transparent in all processes. And with that in mind, Mirla Beane was born.


With strong pops of colour, bold prints, ballooning sleeves, and curving seams inspired by nature, Mirla Beane comes from the desire to have wallet-friendly, contemporary pieces in our wardrobes that don’t sacrifice ethics or style. Sophisticated designs made to last, that give you a feel-good buzz when you buy them.


Aptly named after our children and grandchildren, Mirla Beane is about giving the next generation opportunities, and caring for the world that we will leave for them.

British designed and made. Because nothing should be more than a truck ride away.

British Design

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to develop up-and-coming British talent. And our collection is testimony to our young, passionate, in-house design team. 


We believe nothing should be made more than a truck-ride away. And all of our factories are accredited, because caring about our makers is key. All our fabrics are natural, organic or recycled – even down to the buttons (no plastic here!) and all packaging is FSC approved and biodegradable. Nothing gets wasted and nothing goes to landfill. 


We’ve kept our team small and streamlined so we can pay our makers a genuinely living wage and keep our prices fair too. We save the frills for our clothes!

Our promise to you 

Community is our heartbeat - so if there’s something you think we could do better, tell us. Let’s grow together. Because we believe in sustainability with style. And we know you do, too.